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James Webster Attorney at Law Legal Defense
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James Wm. Webster, Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense Lawyer
While a prosecutor with the City of Santa Monica, my office filed between 4,000 and 6,000 cases annually. These cases included violations of everything from local animal control ordinances to drunk driving, major assaults, burglaries, and possessions of narcotics. I personally tried somewhere between 20 and 30 jury trials as a prosecutor.

Since becoming a criminal defense attorney, I have completed somewhere between 75 and 100 jury trials, plus hundreds of court trials and preliminary hearings. I have filed numerous motions, writs and appeals, some of which have gone all the way up to the California Supreme Court. While with the Santa Monica City Attorney's Office, I argued one case in the Second District of the Court of Appeal and we prevailed in a major published opinion. As a defense attorney I have had additional published opinions having favorable results for my clients.

Since 1980, in addition to the thousands of misdemeanors and major and minor felonies, I have handled eight murder cases. Of those seven, five were settled prior to trial pursuant to negotiated pleas. One case went to trial and my client, a juvenile charged with a drive-by gang killing in Watts, was acquitted. In two of the cases the prosecution was seeking the death penalty. The first of those settled during jury selection with a non-death penalty sentence with possibility of parole. The most 'notorious' of the cases was that of Charles Ng which originated in Calaveras and San Francisco Counties with connections to Southern California, Hawaii, Canada and Hong Kong.